“I love the new mulching blade option on our Vail Brush Cutter. We also run a competitor’s brush cutter in our fleet that has teeth underneath; and our Vail Brush Cutter cuts and reprocesses material twice as fast and leaves a finer finished product – all while running cooler than the competition. I can’t wait to buy another one of these cutters!” –Charles Yokem, Yokem Land Services, Shreveport, LA 

“I was first introduced to the Vail X Series Attachments while filming some Land Management practices. I was instantly blown away!! If you are serious about Land Development and Property Management, you don’t need anything else! The versatility and efficiency of the X Series Attachments is second to none!” –Brandon Pendergrass, Field Producer at Sub7 Films 

“Pretty sure I’ve never been as impressed with any machine! The Vail Brush Cutter performs exactly as advertised.” -Dave Skinner, Kentucky Whitetail Properties Specialist

“The Vail X Series Saw is by far the best saw on the market for the money.  We have tried or owned several competitor’s saws and I would buy another one of the Vail saws.  The tooth system is superior to any other and the saw is made heavily and has held up to our custom cutting business.  We cut in a four state area and will often cut 40 to 50 hours a week in heavily infested pastures.” -Jerry Olson, Land Clearing Business Owner

“I used the new Mulching Flywheel and I am impressed. It definitely cuts mulching time in half and the larger blades go through small trees like they’re nothing. The bolt protectors seem to pull debris on through the cutter and out rather than just sitting there beating on the bolts. It’s definitely an improvement on an already outstanding product.” –Tracey Kinard, Georgia Land Owner  

“The versatility of the X Series attachments is unmatched. From locust to hedge trees to invasive undergrowth we were able to get our ground cleared and manicured to our exact specifications. We were even able to uproot trees so stumps wouldn’t interfere with planting. There simply wasn’t any other equipment needed – once the X Series equipment was done our ground was immediately ready for seed.” -John Hannah, Kansas Land Owner

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“The Vail X Series Grubber is a very efficient tool. I can get 500 plants per hour, depending on the thickness. The beauty of the Vail X Grubber is, when I pull the plant up by the root, it’s gone, and it’s not coming back.” -Joey Henderson, Owner West TX Brush Clearing Business

“We represent Vail Products not only for their rippers and other large equipment items but also for their X Series attachments for skid steers. We know that we can depend on Vail quality and their commitment to our satisfaction for all their products. The Vail X Series products are proving to be what we expect from Vail and we are having a great response from our customers.” -Richard, Texas Dealer

“The quality and customer service of Vail Products is unparalleled. Not only do they have the best looking product on the market, it’s the most Heavy duty outstanding performer of its time. The fire Vail brings to the table leaves the rest in ashes.” -Zach, Missouri Dealer

“Once a overgrown forest floor! I carved out a couple intercept locations along travel routes to the crop fields. A couple years ago I would have used a chainsaw and a rake. This Land Planer lifts the debris and the 8″ shanks rip out any roots & rocks when you back up. The ground is a perfect seed bed. The Vail X Series attachments are game changers. I no longer tell clients what could be done. I offer to get it done!” -Tondo Waldron, KS/MO Whitetail Properties Land Specialist 

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