Vail Products introduces adaptable auger solutions

Digging holes for pilings and piers is one of the most daunting aspects of building projects like adding a deck or installing a fence. A land auger attachment can make short work of an otherwise overwhelming task. The tool offers powerful construction and landscaping applications that help contractors successfully complete their projects.

With more than 50 years of manufacturing and design experience, Vail Products offers a heavy- to severe-duty land auger skid steer attachment that comes with a variety of off-the-shelf options, as well as endless customizations.

“We have solutions that are adaptable to the standards and conditions required by the job,” Scott Pagenkopf, Vail Products Marketing Director, says. “From landscaping in Florida to farming in Wyoming, we recognize that the terrain is different under the feet of individual contractors.”

Because there are no one-size-fits-all jobs, almost every part of the Vail Products auger attachment is customizable. Bits are available for ground conditions ranging from dirt to rock and every kind of combination in between.

The Vail Products auger is available in multiple models in order to fit any machine, and with standard-flow and high-flow hydraulics packages, you can choose the equipment that fits your work, from construction to agriculture to landscaping.

The auger features a high-torque, world-class planetary gearbox that provides higher power density in comparison to standard parallel axis gear trains. The auger is available in a single or two-speed drive, high speed and high torque. “We also offer different strength drives depending on the application and what it’s going on, from very small to very large equipment,” Pagenkopf says.

The Vail Products auger’s True Cut design ensures a 12-inch auger drills a 12-inch hole. Although 12-inch and 16-inch are the most common sizes, you can also determine your specific bit, flighting (the sweeping round part of the drill) and extensions to maximize drilling depth. “We provide all the way up to custom size as necessary,” Pagenkopf says, “for things such as large excavators and anchor drilling, like deep posts and poles for heavy construction projects.”

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