Land specialist uses attachments to reclaim forgotten property

Whitetail Properties land specialist Tondo Waldron of Leawood, Kansas, has created a niche for himself by transforming neglected and overgrown farm, ranch and hunting land to increase its value and maximize its use. “It’s like when an artist looks at a piece of marble and sees a statue,” he says. “That’s how I look at property.”

Rather than a chisel and hammer, Waldron’s tools are his skid steer and Vail X Series attachments. “The attachments have completely changed how I do business,” says Waldron, who has differentiated himself from the competition by offering a specialized service. “A project that used to take 10 hours can now be done in 45 minutes.”

Waldron’s land transformation projects range from 40 acres to 1,200 acres, and most begin with the Vail X Series brush cutter, which Waldron prefers to other cutters because its blade is wider than the loader tracks and it is the most thorough. “Other cutters leave stumps in the ground that are notorious for popping tires,” Waldron says. “But with the Vail X brush cutter, you literally have to use the windshield wipers because dirt is flying everywhere as you are making that stump disappear.”

Waldron then uses the Vail X Series grapple to pick up debris, including brush, roots, logs and rocks. “The grapple jaws won’t stop until they close,” he says. “It grabs a root and pulls the whole base of the tree right out of the ground like a tooth.” Because of the cutter’s effectiveness, Waldron doesn’t use chemicals to ensure trees or bushes don’t grow back.

Some of Waldron’s projects also call for the Vail X Series tree saw. Its compact size allows Waldron to remove unwanted trees while keeping others.

One of Waldron’s current projects is making a 6-acre lake more accessible and useable for the property owners. “A lot of people would just hire a dozer to come in and carve this all up,” he says of the 105-acre property that has been neglected for more than 15 years. “But what I am doing is so detailed, the equipment has to be smaller.”

On the project, Waldron used the Vail X Series attachments to clear a path to and around the lake, making it a centerpiece of the property. He finished the job by using the Vail X Series planer to grade the land before laying gravel. “When landowners see my finished sculptures, they are astounded,” Waldron says. “They say, ‘I had no idea it could be this beautiful.’”

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